” Peter Davies”Motivation is what gets you started

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileYork Regional Police are alleging that a personal support worker who was fired from a Richmond Hill hospital after elderly female patients complained he sexually assaulted them went on to get a job at another healthcare facility where he assaulted two more women.Police charged Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh Tuesday with five counts of sexual assault and one count of assault, in addition to one sexual assault charge police laid in February.Zadeh, 51, was fired from Mackenzie Health hospital in October last year after an internal investigation revealed he allegedly touched four patients inappropriately.GTA hospital didn’t notify police about allegations seniors had been sexually assaultedMackenzie Health says it could have reported sex assault allegationsIn December, Community Home Assistance to Seniors (CHATS), a York Region non profit that provides assistance to seniors, hired him to care for elderly residents at Hadley Grange seniors apartments in Aurora, where police say he assaulted two more women.Mackenzie Health didn’t notify police after firing Zadeh last year. York Regional Police started an investigation after one patient’s family filed a complaint.There is no regulatory body that oversees Ontario’s 100,000 personal support workers (PSWs) similar to the colleges that govern nurses and doctors, and no system for health care facilities to share disciplinary action against PSWs. About two thirds of PSWs work in hospitals and long term care facilities, and one third in people’s homes.Resident says she told accused to ‘stop it’Details about the new charges are contained in court documents called Information to Obtain a Production Order, or ITOs, filed by police as part of their investigation. The ITOs are based on police interviews with hospital staff, alleged victims and their families, and have not been proven in court.In the ITOs York Regional Police Const. Stephanie Couture writes that Zadeh assaulted a woman at Hadley Grange by touching her genitals while changing her bedpan.The resident, whose identity CBC News is protecting, confirmed the allegation to CBC News, saying she believes Zadeh’s actions were clearly intentional.”I might be old, but I haven’t lost my marbles yet,” she said. “I said stop it.””I think he should be jailed. Gotten off the street.”CHATS says it did reference, criminal checks on ZadehPolice say in the ITOs that, according to an interview with Zadeh’s former supervisor, he had worked as a casual employee at Hadley Grange in 2013 and 2014. He was let go after a decrease in government funding.

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