Basically two Dark Chicks Wolzard: Noble Demon and aside from

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Infershia: N Ma: Eldritch Abomination, Sealed Evil in a Can, Big Bad. Referred to as Beast Emperor N Ma earlier on, and later upgraded to Absolute God N Ma. General Branken: The Dragon, although he had some Big Bad traits when he started off. Meemy: Replaces Branken as The Dragon after the latter is killed. Used to be Raigel, one of the Heavenly Saints, but pulled a Face Heel Turn and was turned into a mummy for this. Unsealed along with Hikaru, he constantly proclaims that allying with N Ma allows him to use his magic for his own selfish ambitions, yet is essentially a slave to the dark god’s will. Vancuria: Queen of the Vampires, unaffected by standard vampire weaknesses. As she is the main female general(and her job involve spying), she can be considered a Dark Chick. Nai Mea: Two creepy Elegant Gothic Lolita girls who can merge into and unmerge from Vancuria. Basically two Dark Chicks Wolzard: Noble Demon and aside from Meemy, the only one in Infershia able to use Magic. Infershia Pantheon: A collective of ten Gods of Evil determined to lay waste on the surface world and prepare it for N Ma’s coming.

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