I recently sold a surfboard on eBay

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Roseanna Cunningham MSP with Beautiful Perth chairman John Summers and Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland ShareThe Fair City is one of three places selected for Scotland’s zero waste town projects as part of the Scottish Government’s drive to transform communities for both residents and workers.The Fair City will now join a network of zero waste towns throughout Europe and the grant from the European regional development fund will help to establish a city wide re use network, meaning retailers and residents in Perth will have better access to quality re used goods through a consortium known as ‘Zero Waste Perth’.The funding was announced at The Bike Station, PerthJohn Summers OBE, chairman of environmental group Beautiful Perth, said he is excited to see what this new project will bring.He declared: “Our volunteers have worked hard to make Perth a vibrant place to live, work and visit for more than 20 years.”We’re proud of that, and very excitied to be leading this new Zero Waste https://www.replicasbagss.com Perth consortium with Perth and Kinross Council and EcoTechnic of Perth College UHI.”We look forward to building partnerships that will encourage re use and repair schemes, reduce food waste, encourage more sharing, increase recycling, improve resource efficiency and create economic opportunities through developing the circular economy.”In doing so, we hope to inspire positive changes in Perth, which will have wide ranging social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone.”This project was initially singled out by the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy as having great opportunities to deliver a number of benefits to the region.Perthshire South and Kinross shire MSP Roseanna Cunningham who is also the cabinet secretary for the environment, climate change and land reform at Holyrood said: “Re using and recycling more, and making the most of the Replica Handbags food we buy and grow, is something we can all do to reduce waste and keep products and materials in high value use for longer.Mike Sinclair, manager of The Bike Station, Roseanna Cunningham MSP and John Summers, CEO of Beautiful Perth”In Scotland we are working towards ambitious targets on waste, with 70 per cent recycled or prepared for re use by 2025, and a commitment to reduce food waste by a third by the same year.”SNP politician Ms Cunningham added: “Action from households, communities and businesses is crucial to achieve this.

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